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Lash Lift

An eyelash Lift is an easy, relaxing, enhancing beauty treatment that gives straight eyelashes a upwards curl without the use of eyelash curlers.. Regardless of how short or long your eyelashes are, lifting straight eyelashes to encourage a gentle curl will give them instant length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter, wide open, lifted and less tired eyes.

This semi-permanent treatment lasts up to six to eight weeks without interfering with their normal growth cycle.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Pure Luxe uses eye lash extensions which are superior quality that can create the secret of longer, fuller more beautiful lashes.

These lashes are completely safe for the skin, eyes and contact lenses.

Lashes will be so light in weight to wear you wont even feel them on.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and can last up to as long as you want them too; when looked after.

Great for a special occasion, wedding, holiday or just for an ultra feminine look.

They are best refilled every 2-3weeks to keep them looking great and natural.

Your own lashes have a cycle of 90 days so they will naturally fall out we then replace lashes on new healthy lashes to keep your extensions looking full and luscious..

‚ÄčHybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of two techniques; Volume and classic lash extensions. Hybrid lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look.